Forensic Services


Many times, individuals or groups of individuals have a difficult time negotiating their own conflicts. This conflict could exist at work with business associates or at home with family members. Mediation is a process that allows for a neutral third party mediator to help the parties reach a mutually acceptable resolution to their disputes.

Custody Evaluations

Riegler • Shienvold & Associates has trained professionals who, upon referral from judges, conciliators, attorneys and others, provide neutral evaluations for families who are experiencing conflicts over the parenting arrangements for their children. A comprehensive assessment is provided in order to assist the court and/or parties in discovering a custodial arrangement which best meets the children’s needs.

Forensic Evaluations

Riegler • Shienvold & Associates provides psychological assessments for a wide variety of clients and situations within the legal arena. Such issues as competency to stand trial, malingering, abuse, independent psychological evaluation (IPE) are just a few of the areas in which assessments are provided. Additionally, expert testimony is provided on a variety of psychological topics to assist attorneys in their role as advocates.