Group Facilitation

Often times an organization can benefit from the assistance of an outside individual to lead and focus discussions around difficult topics. As a facilitator in these situations, a professional of Riegler • Shienvold & Associates will help the organization determine what protocol and process will be most effective in promoting a healthy and productive interaction of the members of the group. Having first laid out that process, the facilitator will serve either directly or indirectly to guide the group towards a successful conclusion and/or resolution of the problem(s).

Organizational Consultation

Effective organizations require effective leaders and dedicated employees. For managers and team players to be successful, they must be able to fit into the corporate culture and know how to manage relationships. Our organizational consultants work with companies to develop corporate core competencies and then search out individuals who will excel in that environment. Through a comprehensive interview and screening process, Riegler • Shienvold & Associates is able to identify the core strengths and developmental concerns of an individual and determine their likelihood of success.